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Contract Update

Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association

Contract Update

Brothers and Sisters,

There have been a lot of questions as to why we would agree to a 2.5% wage increase and a .25% increase in medical. To be clear, there will be no agreement without the membership agreeing to the extension. We
would however like to clear up any misinformation that is out there about the AFSCME contract. We have included their wage agreement in this post. They did not get a 4% general pay increase in 2020, they received a 2% increase.

Some members believe that AFSCME receive a 16% increase in general pay over four years. This is not accurate. They did receive a 16% raise but only after you add the general pay increases together with the longevity raises that they received. In 2022, AFSCME will not receive a longevity raise. This is a roughly a 3.5% loss compounded every year of employment.

Let’s use the same math for this contract extension. General pay increase, plus longevity. If you have under twelve years of service you will receive an increase of 6.5%. If you are a member that has maxed out your steps, you will get a 3.5% increase.

This extension was requested because we may have a better looking economy next year. We will still make all the same arguments on the stresses of our job and will unfortunately have some more to add. This decision was made based off of the recommendations of professionals that we need to present when it comes time to arbitrate our contract. Since COVID, the economy has greatly declined and continues to do so. I hope this clears up some questions that you may have had. Please talk to your Local Officers, contact your Business Agent or contact any of the PSCOA leadership.


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