Officers and Board

Executive Officers



Jason Bloom
Service Time: 25 years.
Other: Veteran – U.S. Marine Corp, Local President 6 years, Local Steward, State E-board 1 term.

Executive Vice President


Tim Walsh
Service Time: 22 years
Positions Held: Corrections Officer at SCI Mahanoy, Sergeant at SCI Chester, Grievance Handler, Local Executive Board, Local Vice President.
Other: Veteran – U.S. Marine Corp., SCI Mahanoy, SCI Chester, Husband and Proud Father of Two, Church Leader, Mini Football Coach, Tae Kwon Do Instructor.

Vice President

Larry Blackwell
Service Time: 22 years.
Other: Veteran – Local VP President 12 years, Local Steward, Business Agent 18 years.

Vice President


Robert Storm
Service Time: 23 years.
Positions Held: Local Vice President, Assistant to State Secretary-Treasurer
Other: Veteran – U.S. National Guard, Machinist for 13 years, CERT for 3 years.



John Chernavage
Service Time: 19 years.
Positions Held: Union Representative, Local Executive Board, Local Vice President.
Other: B.S., Marketing and Management, Wilkes University. 13 Years Experience in Sales and Customer Service.


Executive Board


Raymond Johnston
Service Time:
13 years
Positions Held: Steward, E-board  for 1 term, Local Treasurer, Local Vice President 2+ terms.
Other: Proud father of 2 children (1 boy and 1 girl) and 3 grandchildren.



Mark Truszkowski
Service Time: 17 years.
Positions Held: Steward, Local Vice President, Local President.
Other: Veteran – U.S. Air Force, Youth Football Coach, Husband and Proud Father of Three.

Heath Munson
Service Time:
 9 years
Positions Held: Local Secretary, Local Vice President, Local President.
Other: Veteran – U.S. Navy ’93-’97

Robert Bankes
Service Time:
15 years
Positions Held: Local President.
Other: US Marine Corps

Jerome Safko
Service Time:
28 years.
Positions Held: Local Executive Board, Local President.



Aaron T. King
Service Time:
18 years.
Positions Held: Local President, E-Board, Steward, CCC#2, SCI-Greene, 5 year Cert Member
Other: Veteran – U.S. Marine Corps 1994-1998, Walton Co. Sheriffs Dept., Jail Division, Monroe, GA. Happily married for 19 years Father of three (3) daughters

Hank McNair

Service Time: 20 years.
Positions held – Local E-Board, Local VP and Local President. CO 1, CO 2 and Maintenance
Other – Married, Proud father of 5, Youth baseball and softball coach

Loren Wilkins
Service Time:
 21 years.
Positions Held: Corrections Officer for 12 years, CERT, Local Secretary, Steward.
Other: Veteran – U.S. Navy, Navy Search & Rescue.