Harrisburg, PA 17110, USA


Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association

PSCOA Applications

PSCOA Grievance Management System

Current GMS Version: V-022220.0

(System Updates are done every Sunday 11 am – 6 pm)

PSCOA Document Management System

Current DMS Version: V-111319.0

(System Updates are done every Sunday 11 am – 6 pm)


When you encounter strange behavior, as when you know your User Name & Password are correct, but not working, try bypassing your cache, by holding down the “Shift Key” on the keyboard, then at the same time click “Refresh” on your browser. (“Shift Key” + “Refresh”)

(Bypassing your cache means forcing your web browser to re-download a web page from scratch, which can often solve website display glitches. Bypassing your cache is simple, safe, and causes no permanent changes.)

For your protection & the PSCOA you will/should not have access to GMS/DMS at work, from any PA State computer system. You will have to access our systems from your home, etc…

Any other login issues please email helpdesk@pscoa.org