Scholarship Program

(Updated: June 2019)

Bobby Wilt Foundation Scholarship Program

The 2019 scholarship application period is now closed. 

Award decisions have been made by the scholarship committee.  Great job to all who applied, and congratulations to this year’s winners! Official award letters will be sent to you next week. Award checks will be sent directly from us to the school designated on your application.

The application for 2020 will be available for download in December 2019. 

WINNERS for 2019

$1,500 Graduate Award- Dayton Broyan (Sponsor: A. Broyan- RETREAT)

$1,500 Undergraduate Award- Alexandra Kissell (Sponsor: M. Kissell- BENNER)

$1,000 Undergraduate Awards:

Madelyn Ardrey (Sponsor: J. Ardrey – SMITHFIELD)

Wade Clark (Sponsor: J. Clark – MERCER)

Jessica Curran (Sponsor: J. Chernavage – RETREAT)

Taylor Lee (Sponsor: M. Watson – ALBION)

Jay Ni (Sponsor: J. Beltz – CAMP HILL)

Morgan Robinette (Sponsor: E. Robinette – ROCKVIEW)

Ryan Yachere (Sponsor: R. Yachere – SOMERSET)

Teagan Turner (Sponsor: S. Turner – ALBION)

Rylie Mong (Sponsor: D. Mong – MUNCY

Bobby Wilt Foundation Scholarship Program.

The Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association is proud to once again offer the Bobby Wilt Foundation (BWF) Scholarship for 2018.

The BWF is a non-profit 401c Foundation formed to honor the memory of Bobby Wilt, a fallen Corrections Officer at SCI Huntingdon. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide monetary support to PSCOA’s H-1 members and their families in need. Those times of need are life altering events such as fires, accidents and illnesses that are not covered completely by insurance.

Our Officers work hard every day to keep those incarcerated inside the fence and keep you and your family safe throughout the year! We are proud of the foundation and the work it does to assist our members.

*Please note: Although the scholarship program has been renamed the Bobby Wilt Foundation Scholarship Program, NO officers or committee members of the foundation will be involved in the scholarship program, selection of committee members or the selection of the winners. *


There are ten (10) $1000.00 Undergraduate Studies Scholarships available.

The top selected applicant will receive an additional $500.00.

There is one $1500.00 Graduate Studies Scholarship available.

ELIGIBILITY: Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis for applicants who are:

  • CHILDREN of PSCOA Members in Good Standing who will be entering their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years of college, or enrolled in graduate school;
  • GRANDCHILDREN of PSCOA Members in Good Standing when the PSCOA member is the legal guardian or financially responsible grandparent thereof who will be entering their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years of college, or enrolled in graduate school;
  • PSCOA MEMBERS in Good Standing enrolled in a fully credited higher education program at an accredited college or university;
  • SPOUSES of PSCOA Members in Good Standing enrolled in a fully credited higher education program at an accredited college or university;

Sponsors must be a member of the Association in good-standing for a minimum of one-year, beginning December 1, 2007, in order to be eligible for the Scholarship.

If you would like a scholarship packet mailed to your home or emailed to you, please call our main office toll free: 866-467-7262 or email


Year Winner Sponsoring Member
$1,500 Graduate Scholarship Tyler Bartol Steven Bartol (Coal Twp)
$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship  Isabella Launi  Chad Launi  (Pine Grove)
$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarships* Michaela Blackwell Larry Blackwell (Rockview/PSCOA)
Colin Faber Paul Faber (Fayette)
 Alexandra Kissell  Matthew Kissell  (Benner)
Johnathan Faber Paul Faber (Fayette)
Ashley Wojciechowski Bernard Wojciechowski   (Retreat)
Reed Williams Harry Williams (Forest)
Lauren Thoryk William Thoryk (Mahanoy)
Jordyn Miller David Miller (Somerset)
Lauren Hagens Donny Hagens (Pine Grove)
Leah Reed Charles Reed (Huntingdon)

*In no particular order


$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: **NO APPLICANT**

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarships (extra, top – award given):

Michaela Blackwell (Larry Blackwell – Rockview/PSCOA)
Bria Hocking (Thomas Hocking – Mahanoy)

$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarships:
Nathan Loy (Douglas Loy – Smithfield/PSCOA)
Dayton Broyan  (Albert Broyan – Retreat)
Alexandra Kissell  (Matthew Kissell – Benner)
Kaitlyn Steinhilber  (David Steinhilber – Mahanoy)
Abigail Collins  (William Collins – Mercer)
Isabella Launi  (Chad Launi – Pine Grove)
Matthew Smith  (Douglas Smith – Dallas)
Ashley Wojciechowski (Bernard Wojciechowski – Retreat)
Alana Greenawalt (Eric Greenawalt – Camp Hill)


$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: Lindsey Nelson   (David Nelson – Fayette)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Nathan Loy    (Douglas Loy- Smithfield & PSCOA BA)

$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarships:
Kaitlin Todaro   (Stephanie Todaro – Huntingdon)
Michael Kachik    (Michael G. Kachik – Rockview)
Chelsey Girvin   (Scott Girvin – Greene)
Jacob Hall   (Christopher Hall – Albion)
Tyler Reed   (Robert Reed – Huntingdon)
Aubrey Guty   (Gregory Guty – Fayette)
Jordyn Buchanan   (Richard Buchanan – Forest)
Dayton Broyan    (Albert Broyan – Graterford)
Alexandra Kissell    (Matthew Kissell – Benner Twp.)


$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: Lindsey Nelson (David Nelson – Fayette)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Zackory Jennings (Leslie Jennings – Pine Grove)

$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarships:
Kristen Ellis (Daniel Ellis – Fayette)
Nathan Loy (Douglas Loy – Smithfield & PSCOA BA)
Jeff Wojciechowski (Jeffrey Wojcichowski – Mahanoy)
Ryan White (Franklin White – Smithfield)
Kayla Wickersham (Dennis Wickersham – Frackville)
Emily Steinhilber (David Steinhilber – Mahanoy)
Dayton Broyan (Albert Broyan – Graterford)
Michelle Kachik (Michael Kachik – Rockview)
Therese Holzapfel (Michael Holzapfel – Torrance S. H.)
Caitlynn Barger (Jerry Barger – Forest)


$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Michelle Kachik (Michael Kachik – Rockview)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Therese Holzapfel (Michael Holzapfel – Torrance S. H.)

$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarship:
Amber Turpin (Todd Turpin – Camp Hill)
Ashley Brock (Anthony Brock – Phil CCC #4)
Jeff Wojciechowski (Jeffrey Wojciechowski – Mahanoy)
Ryan White (Franklin White – Smithfield)
Brittany McNair (Henry McNair – Retreat)
Krista Kolesar (Roger Dixon – Rockview)
Zackory Jennings (Leslie Jennings – Pine Grove)
Shane Donnelly (William Donnelly – Benner)
Katie Brenneman (Paul Brenneman – Huntingdon)
Dana Cunningham (Michael Cunningham – Graterford)
Caitlynn Barger (Jerry Barger – Forest)


$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: Channing Broyan (Albert Broyan – Graterford)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Morgan Blackwell (Lawrence Blackwell – Rockview & PSCOA BA)

$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarships: Tyler Bartol (Steven Bartol – Coal Twp.)
Caitlynn Barger (Jerry Barger – Forest)
Tara Campbell (Dean Campbell – Albion)
Aryell Heywood (Patrick Heywood – Torrance S.H.)
Hunter Ragantesi (William Ragantesi – Dallas)
Meghan Rose (Jack Rose – Dallas)
Nathan Solarz (Michael Solarz – Pine Grove)
Laiken Vogel (Kenneth Vogel – Laurel Highlands)
Bryn Groblewski (Ronald Groblewski – Retreat)


$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: Channing Broyan (Albert Broyan – Graterford)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Allen Livingston (Allen P. Livingston – Cresson)

$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarships:
William Szido (Robert Waters II – Frackville)
Nathan A. Solarz (Michael A. Solarz – Pine Grove)
Victoria Van Fleet (Ronald G. Van Fleet – Waymart)
Jessica Collins (William A. Collins Jr. – Mercer)
Jarret LeBeau (Howard F. Veihdeffer III – Houtzdale)
Brandon Buchanan (Richard A. Buchanan – Forest)
Victoria Kissell (Matthew D. Kissell – Cresson)
Philip Mosolino (Philip Mosolino – Waymart)
Caroline Weaver (Terence Weaver – Houtzdale)

$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: Kiara Swinehart (Wade Swinehart- Coal Twp.)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Nicholas Kolesar (Roger Dixon Jr. – Rockview)

$1,000 Undergraduate Scholarships:
James Dent III (James Dent II – Coal Twp)
Nicole Fry (Michael Fry – Waymart)
Andrea Kressler (Jamie Rodriquez – Cambridge Springs)
Devin Livingston (Allen Livingston – Cresson)
Lindsey Nelson (David Nelson – Fayette)
Michael M. Solarz (Michael A. Solarz – Pine Grove)
Nathan Solarz (Michael A. Solarz – Pine Grove)
William Szido III (Robert Waters II – Frackville)

$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: *No Applicants

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Nicholas J. Reighard (Thomas Reighard-Laurel Highlands)

$1000 Undergraduate Scholarships:
Alainna C. Ipjian (Brian P. Ipjian- Camp Hill)
Caitlyn E. Kamakich (Frank J. Kamalich- Pittsburgh)
Devin A. Livingston (Allen R. Livingston- Cresson)
Kelsey L. Zeigler (David F. Zeigler- Muncy)
Margaret F. Buttray (Irven Buttray- Cambridge Springs)
Megan A. Wildman (Shelley L. Wildman- Rockview)
Michael S. Gulbin (Mark W. Gulbin- Waymart)
Monica E. Nelson (Gaien J. Nelson- Cresson)
Nathan A. Solarz (Michael A. Solarz- Pine Grove)
Victoria Van Fleet (Ronald Van Fleet- Waymart)

$1,500 Graduate Scholarship: Allison Solt (Kevin Solt- Rockview)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Alainna Ipjian  (Brian Ipjian- Camp Hill)

$1000 Undergraduate Scholarships:
Brian Boland (Ronald Boland- Cresson)
Devin Livingston (Allen Livingston- Cresson)
Caitlyn Kamalich (Frank Kamalich- Pittsburgh)
Maureen Houston (James Houston- Chester)
Maria Williams (Thomas Williams- Cresson)
Corey Hay (Myron Hay- Greensburg)
Tiffany Stiffler (Samuel Kestenbaum- Pine Grove)


$1,000 Graduate Scholarship: Julie Polakoski (Dinah Polakoski- Somerset)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Michael Solarz (Michael Solarz- Pine Grove)

$500 Undergraduate Scholarships:
Nicolas Reighard (Thomas Reighard- Laurel Highlands)
Michael Joseph (David Joseph- Mahanoy)
Lisa Fox (John Fox- Cresson)
Travis Walls (Jack Walls- Albion)
Jessica Narvid (Matthew Narvid- Graterford)
Heather Cook (Michael Cook- Waymart)
Brianna Ipijian (Brian Ipijian- Camp Hill)
Alice Fawcett (John Fawcett- Waymart)
Daniel Plumley (John Plumley- Fayette)

$1,000 Graduate Scholarship: *No Applicants

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: Alainna Ipijian (Brian Ipijian- Camp Hill)

$500 Undergraduate Scholarships:
William Barnes (Larry Barnes- Retreat)
Brittney Cherry (Tamara Milburn- Norristown)
Nicholas Reighard (Thomas Reighard- Laurel Highlands)
Bryan Wertz (Daniel Wertz- Albion)
Michael Gulbin (Mark Gulbin- Waymart)
Karen Karninski (Joseph Karninski- Retreat)
Thomas Williams (Thomas Williams- Cresson)
Maria Williams (Thomas Williams- Cresson)
Brittney Remus (Timothy Remus- Waymart)
Eric Storm (Robert Storm- Mahanoy)

$1,000 Graduate Scholarship: Julie Polakowski (John Polakowski- Somerset)

$1,500 Undergraduate Scholarship: John Fawcett (John Fawcett- Waymart)

$500 Undergraduate Scholarships:
Brianna Ipjian (Brian Ipjian- Camp Hill)
Nicholas Reighard (Thomas Reighard- Laurel Highlands)
Larissa Walker (Leaha Johnson- Muncy)
Brian Galabinski (John Galabinski- Dallas)
Lucas Hockenberry (Gary Hockenberry- Camp Hill)
Caitlin Jones (Mark Jones- Greensburg)
Meghan Hainzer (Anthony Hanizer- Somerset)
Bruce Valari (Bruce Valari- Cresson)
Kimberly Kostelac (Gerald Kostelac- Elizabethtown)

* No applications received for graduate Scholarship. One Additional $500.00 Scholarship awarded.