Official PSCOA Policies

Executive Board Position Policy 01/29/2004
Executive Officer Elections Policy 01/29/2004
Local Officers Policy 01/24/2012
Quorum for Local Union Meetings Policy 01/29/2004
Cell Phone Policy for Locals 01/29/2004
Amendments Policy 02/01/2006
Active Member Policy 02/22/2003
Confidentiality Policy 02/05/2002
Election Certification Policy 01/29/2004
Local Agreements Policy 09/12/2005
Local Elections Policy 12/24/2007
Local Stewards Policy 05/28/2006
Local Reimbursable Expenses Policy 09/16/2004
Local Voting Policy 09/12/2005
Oath of Office Policy 01/29/2004
Payment of UB Policy 05/07/2003
Stipends Policy 09/12/2005

Death Benefit Policy information
This outlines the death benefits that all PSCOA active members are eligible for in the event of a tragedy in their immediate family.