Death Benefit Policy


The Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association (PSCOA) will provide a cash payment, in the event of accidental death or event arising in the line of duty, of an active member in good standing of the PSCOA. In addition, payment will be provided for the accidental death of their spouse, son or daughter. This benefit will be paid with monies from the Association general fund.

An active member in good standing shall be defined as follows: An individual paying full dues (at the current rate) to the Association, with all financial obligations current.

Eligibility for this benefit will begin immediately upon becoming an active member in good standing as defined above.

Payment of the benefit will be made in the following amounts:

Member: $1,000.00
Spouse: $250.00
Son: $250.00
Daughter: $250.00

The majority of the state executive board voted in the affirmative for this policy on November 14, 2002,

Roy Pinto