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Correctional Officer’s Prayer

Dear PSCOA Members,
I am a Correctional Officer Lieutenant with the Florida Department of Corrections for over 21 years. I have written a Prayer that I offer to you and your Officers. Many people have told me that they find it to be inspirational. You may print it for any of your publications or use it for advancing your organization in any way you deem appropriate. Thanks for your time.

Lt. Larry Peoples
Keystone Heights, FL.

Correctional Officer’s Prayer
Written by Lt. Larry Peoples

Lord, when it’s time to go inside,
That Place of steel and stone.
I pray that you will keep me safe,
So I won’t walk alone.

Help me to do my duty,
Please watch me on my rounds.
Amongst those perilous places,
And slamming steel door sounds.

God, keep my fellow Officers
Well and free from harm.
Let them know I’ll be there too,
Whenever there’s alarm.

Above all when I walk my beat,
No matter where I roam.
Let me go back whence I came,
To family and home.